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About Nage Gfx

Nage Gfx is a visually communication design company, with over 10 years experience in ephemera work and logo branding. Liji Reid is the founder of New Age Graphics Evolution (Nage GFX), a graphic design firm offering a plethora of bespoke services. Our clients range from local brand start up entrepreneurs to international customers whom rain at the top of there industry.


We are a company that prides ourselves on collaborations with other brands to create innovative designs and products that help inspire creatives around the world. Exhibitions, installations, Print Art, Books and Graphic Apps are just a few of the exciting

things to come from Nage Gfx, but for now we present to you our foundation, visual communication ( Graphic Design ).

What makes Nage Gfx unique is our creative insight into our client’s requirements; We generate customised style sheets along with brand direction blue prints to guide our client’s to visual success. Our mantra is “ Bringing your ideas to life ”.


We give birth to your ideas with precise procession care and structure to engage your target audience. Our ideation process focuses on information architect for clients of any level to understand.


We strive to produce clean, cutting edge and stylish, designs that will last the test of time. The research element of the design process dives into psychology and the human behavior that helps your audience subconsciously gravitate to your brand.  

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